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Reduce Long Term Costs of Workers' Compensation

Posted by Rich Thompson on Feb 7, 2017 9:40:26 AM
Rich Thompson

A Checklist for Safety

Effective pre-injury and post-injury management are two components that if managed effectively reduce the long-term costs of workes' compensation insurance.  Realizing that safety is not most companies primary business, having a broker partner to tailor an approach to each unique culture and capabilities and design programs and processes that are simple enough to execute, but effective enough to achieve world class results is critical to reaching organizational goals.

Workers who are provided health and disability are less likely to go out on a workers' compensation claim! Be sure to go through this checklist so that you and your employees are prepared!

Once an injury occurs, be sure that the claim is investigated and reported within two weeks of the incident!

"Claims reported one day after, but within two weeks of the injury have the lowest median cost of claims. Claims reported in the third week after an injury incur a cost 35% higher than those reported in the first two weeks."

Pre-Injury Check List

  • Work with employees to establish expected behaviors and procedures of your safety program.
  • Implement a behavior plan that address the core values of your organization.
  • Educate employees on behaviors, and knowledge to prevent injuries and losses.
  • Establish a “return to work” program.
  • Create a written pre-incident management program that includes a training piece on handling injuries.
  • Partner with a broker who demonstrates a validated approach with case studies proving decreased frequency, severity, loss ratio, with increased profitability.

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