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6 Hidden Gaps in Workers' Compensation Coverage

Posted by Dave Anderson on Feb 7, 2017 9:39:42 AM
Dave Anderson

Workers’ compensation insurance is often thought of as an all-encompassing catch all coverage for injured employees.  Many employers purchase this workers' compensation coverage because the State requires them to do so, and then assume that everything is taken care of.  However, many gaps in coverage exist and need to be managed to enable employers stay on the vanguard and prevent uncovered claims.

Approximately 45% of Companies that go through the BKS RiskMapping process have these hidden gaps!


  • Action Over / Third party claims against employers
  • Uninsured subcontractors
  • Excluded Officers
  • Impact of no coverage or poor group health benefits
  • PEO considerations
  • 10-99 Employees & temporary Labor

Hidden gaps do exist with workers' compensation insurance and it is imperative that employers stay aware of them and seek strategies to minimize exposure to the gaps in coverage. To minimize the impact to your organization, it’s important to align with a proactive risk management and insurance brokerage partner. Read more about these gaps by downloading the full article. 


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